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Prediabetes Basics

The chronic disease most commonly referred to as “diabetes” is Type 2 diabetes, also known as Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Many people have this disease and know it, many more have this disease and don’t know it, and a huge number of people are pre-diabetic. A person with prediabetes has elevated glucose levels that do […]

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Metabolic Syndrome Basics

Metabolic Syndrome is remarkably common. The American Heart Association estimates that 47 million Americans have it. To put that in perspective, this is more people than catch the flu most years. Surprisingly, Metabolic Syndrome was not clearly identified and associated with insulin until 1988 and most Americans have never heard of it. Many people with […]

Diabetes in the USA

Diabetes News January 2016

Our take on the most interesting Diabetes news stories from January, 2016 Deep Fried Food that helps fight Type 2 Diabetes! Vegetables deep fried in virgin olive oil are actually better for you than when boiled or eaten raw. According to “Food Chemistry“, a scientific journal, anti-oxidants, micro nutrients and phenols present in the olive […]